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Creative Treasures Hawaii makes windsocks and banners to celebrate any holiday or event -
or just to fly from your lanai, porch, deck, boat, pier, or store front.

Spring * Summer * Fall * Winter
Anniversary * New Baby * Wedding
Birthday * Grand Opening * Welcome Home
Christmas * Easter * July 4 * Mother’s Day * Father’s Day
Halloween * Thanksgiving * St.Patrick’s Day * Valentine’s Day * Store Sale

Our specialty windsock is the Lucky Koi.

In Japan, families celebrate Boy's Day by displaying large, colorful flying carp (koi) windsocks. They are called koi noburi. The koi windsocks are attached to long bamboo poles, and flown above each home that has a father and son in the household. One carp windsock is flown for the father – generally, a black koi – while each son is represented by a colorful koi windsock, the red carp for the oldest son. The koi is an energetic, strong fish, able to fight its way up swift-flowing waterfalls. These koi windsocks stand for strength, determination, success, and good luck. In Japan they fly on May 5, Boy’s (or Children’s) Day.

In Hawaii, we keep Lucky Koi windsocks happily swimming year-round for good luck! Our exquisite koi nobori windsocks – some with metallic highlights to sparkle in the sun – can be used indoors or out for a colorful, festive decoration every day!

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